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Save-construction is the result of a joint programme, initiated by three trade organisations, brought together by a passion for building in steel and the aspiration to promote the development of more sustainable construction solutions to a wide audience.

Climate change and its consequences are now the subject of a broad scientific consensus. It is imperative for developers, project managers, builders and manufacturers to measure the impact of their developments, their activities or their products with regard to the issue of sustainability.
Environmental performance quality marks and certifications (NF HQE, BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, etc.) measure a building’s level of efficiency. To undertake this, construction professionals must collect reliable and factual information. Save-construction provides them to you free of charge for steel products.

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124 rue Réaumur
75002 Paris

Espace technologique
Immeuble Apollo
91193 Saint-Aubin

6/14 rue La Pérouse
75784 Paris Cedex 16

ConstruirAcier, the body for the promotion of steel architecture, incorporates the entire steel supply chain, from producers to consumers. Its key mission: to promote steel architecture among all stakeholders in the construction sector, from architect to student by means of all types of events and subject-oriented publications. 

CTICM, (Centre Technique Industriel de la Construction Métallique [technical industrial centre for steel construction]) is the reference technical body for all steel-built structures: buildings, bridges, masts, silos, chimneys… Its objective is to promote technical progress and to contribute to improved performance and quality in the steel construction industry for the benefit of all stakeholders in construction.  

L'Enveloppe Métallique du Bâtiment (formerly known as SNPPA), a trade body, comprises manufacturers of steel products and systems for roofing, ceilings, partitions, cladding and flooring. L'Enveloppe Métallique du Bâtiment is at the heart of a sector in constant quest of innovation, attentive to developments in respect of standards and regulations, demanding in terms of skills, particularly through its department for continuous training on building envelope products. 


Industry and Environment Department
+ 33 (0)1 60 13 83 20
[email protected]

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SAVE : les outils de la famille Ossature - Charpente mis à jour !

Suite à la mise à jour des FDES mères, les outils de la famille Ossature - Charpente ont été mis à jour en conséquence. Ces outils ont été vérifiés et validés par un vérificateur indépendant.

N'hésitez pas à les tester et à générer des données environnementales à jour !