Single skin roofcovering


Steel product

  1. Your product's mass per unit area (kg/m²), obtained on the basis of the information provided above. 

Other items

Input the mass of the fixing screws based on the surface area of the product, expressed in g/m². By default, it is assumed to be 3.5 g/m² in standard areas. This value is derived from the quantity of screws per m² fixed at 1 screw/m², in accordance with NF P 34-205-1 DTU 40.35 – Edition of May 1997 –“Roofing with profiled sheeting made of coated steel sheet”, based on a standard screw weighing 3.5 g. 


General parameters

Input the distance in kilometres between l'Enveloppe Métallique du Bâtiment member's manufacturing plant and the construction site, which has a default value of 283 km.
For information, the payload considered for lorries is 24 tonnes. Lorry fuel consumption is 0.38 L/km. 


Your product’s reference service life (RSL) in years. Non-parameterable data, provided for information.


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